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Welcome to the Leicester Gateway        

 Notices (This site is managed by The eLearning Team - 0116 454 1350)

All Technical Contacts:- The KCOM Firewall Change Request form and other important documents are now available inside the Documents Folder on the KCOM Portal at  We recommend that you read the Guidance Notes and the Predefined Changes Tab.  There is also a new form for emPSN IP Address Range Requests.  If you cannot access the KCOM portal you need to contact Chris Smith or Christine Springett. 

 school to school S/H equipment sales, swaps and free items.
Click on the Public tab above to see what's available.

 FREE for eLT Core Subscribing schools Leicester Gateway school areas for Staff and Governors
for further information please read School Staff and Governor Areas.pdf
Help Files are available here on how to use OWA 2010, the Alert Me feature and how to use your My Site 

 Contact details - please ensure you obtain a call reference number when contacting Capita or KCOM

Capita for OPENhive Application Services
Web & mail filtering, OPENhive email, website & DNS hosting
Telephone 0333 321 0350
KCOM for Access Services
Connectivity/internet and any other unidentified problems
Telephone 0845 122 6873
Submit Firewall Change Requests and IP Address Range Requests to -




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 AE Digital Clock

April 2014

 Featured Offers


Test drive the GeneeTouch in the ICT Centre at FLEC 


 Latest Prices can be found here
eLT Core Service schools can obtain a special price, which now includes the Genee Soundbar, by contacting and ordering through TES - 0116 229 3680

Check out Serif

If a school would like to try the Green screen ideas, contact the eLearning Team to arrange a FREE COPY of MoviePlus X6 and a green screen.